For some reason, creating concise benefit-driven product descriptions gets overlooked in many medical marketing campaigns. Don’t make this mistake.

It’s also important that product descriptions are consistent throughout your marketing channels. If your product is described differently on a web page than it is in a leave-behind brochure or blog post, there is a good chance you’ll create confusion within your target audience.

In general, medical product descriptions should be concise, dynamic and formatted so they look quick and easy to read. Here is a simple formula for writing product descriptions for medical marketing campaigns that follows these guidelines.


  •  A simple headline that states the product name
  • A subhead that touts a product benefit
  • A few lines of descriptive copy about the product and the challenge it meets
  • A sharp set of benefit-driven bullet points
  • A few more lines of descriptive copy that highlights additional benefits or other essential product information.


The WaterRich Excel System

Facilitates More Effective Water Therapy Treatments

Meet specific patient needs with a progressive system that offers a solution for your various aqua therapies. The WaterRich Excel System gives you the flexibility to enhance your possibilities for advanced water therapy programs.

Its open system allows you to implement any protocol required for prescribed treatments. Our industry-leading Water-K software allows you to create protocols that match individual patient needs.

  •  Provides easy-to-handle and accurate therapy management
  • Delivers exact, specific treatments for patients of all ages
  • Enables the safe monitoring and treatment of children

In addition, the WaterRich Excel System includes a highly-intuitive user interface and ergonomic handling for greater ease of use. Its well-balanced components make therapies easier to perform, which enhances patient safety.

As this example shows, you can pour a lot of essential information into this simple formula. The key is to keep your description short and tight. Make every word count, and be sure every claim in your medical product description is credible.