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My passion is delivering quantifiable value to your business through premium message development and direct response copywriting!

The Team

Casey Demchak

Casey Demchak–Copy Chief/Expert Strategist

“Repetition of message builds your brand’s reputation. And for people to focus on your message, your message must be focused.”
–Casey Demchak

This simple quote is the driving force behind Casey’s Core Message Platform™ program and my direct response copywriting services.

Casey and his team are completely dedicated to writing dynamic and compelling marketing materials for you that:

  • Build your brand image
  • Generate leads
  • Persuade prospects
  • Move people to buy
  • Propel your personal success

When it comes to writing effective marketing messages, Casey has no use for worn out “hype and fluff” techniques. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to be “sold” to anymore.

Instead, he expertly utilizes storytelling, emotion, value, human depth, thematic texture, and other proven strategies relevant to markets where prospects now DEMAND to interact with you through an authentic two-way dialogue.

Casey’s Background

For more than 20 years, Casey Demchak has been a recognized expert at writing high-performance marketing materials for a wide range of industry-leading companies – most notably in the medical device and speaker/coach markets.

Casey is best known for his innovative approach to creating Core Message Platforms that serve as the springboard for writing a full array of marketing communications for your products and services.

He is author of the book, Essential Sales Writing Secrets, and he also wrote a chapter on persuasive sales writing featured in the book, Advice from the Top: The Expert Guide to B2B Marketing.

In addition, Casey hosted the VoiceAmerica™ Business Internet radio talk show, Essential Marketing Secrets. He has also been the copywriter on seven marketing communication projects that have won American Advertising Awards.

Samples of Casey’s work are featured in Steve Slaunwhite’s program, Secrets of Writing High-Performance Business-to-Business Copy; and he’s also quoted in the book, The Wealthy Freelancer, written by Steve Slaunwhite, Pete Savage and Ed Gandia.

Casey holds a BA in Communications from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where he twice won the Samuel Z. Arkoff award for screenwriting excellence.

Kara Hawkins–Senior Copywriter

kara-hawkins-1Kara Hawkins brings 18 years of successful sales and marketing expertise to her core message and direct response copywriting. She holds degrees in Journalism and Psychology, and continually invests in her professional development.

By staying abreast of industry trends and shifts, Kara understands exactly how to capitalize on the essential factors driving your market. Well-versed in science and business, she grasps strategic concepts quickly and cuts through the clutter to deliver clear, concise, and convincing messaging.

What sets Kara apart from most copywriters is that she’s a highly accomplished salesperson turned marketer. This enables her to thread a subtle touch of persuasion throughout all the copy she creates.

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