The First Two Things Your Book Marketing Should Say Casey Demchak

First, I want to welcome all of you authors and coaches who’ve joined me recently after purchasing your Write Publish Profit 4.0 program bundle.

I’m thrilled to have you in our book marketing copy community. It’s my intention to provide you with as much value and inspiration as I can.

This week’s video training session focuses on the first two things your book promotion content should cover to grab and engage readers so you can sell more books.

I like to call this your book marketing copy 1-2 punch.

This strategy can help you instantly snag the attention of your target audience. You can find out what the strategy is and learn how to execute it right here…

Here is a very brief summary of what you’ll hear me cover.

Avoid This Temptation

I’ve helped well over a 100 authors develop their book marketing copy, and nearly all of them have been tempted to begin their marketing copy by crafting a description of what their nonfiction book is about. If they’ve written a novel, they want to jump right in and provide a summary of their plot.

The reflex to begin your marketing copy by telling readers what your book “is about” is understandable … but it’s the wrong approach to take.

Do This Instead (Punch #1)

Begin your marketing copy by writing about your readers. Make your copy about THEM!

You can do this by stating or implying that you have an understanding of a need, challenge, desire, thirst, curiosity or want they have.

If you demonstrate that you can relate to your readers’ challenge or thirst, you’ll build credibility with them and be in a strong position to illustrate why your book is what they’re looking for.

Touch on the Transformation (Punch #2)

Next, build on punch #1 by painting a little picture with your words that details how your readers will be transformed if they’re able to meet their need, overcome their challenge, quench their thirst, or satisfy their curiosity.

Describing this transformation keeps the focus of your copy on your readers, which will keep them engaged with your marketing message.

In a nutshell, (punch #1) begin your copy by touching on a need, desire, challenge, curiosity, or thirst your readers have.

Next, (punch #2) paint a picture of how your readers’ lives will be changed or transformed when their need or desire is met, or when their challenge has been overcome.

Skillfully execute this 1-2 punch, and your readers will be waiting for you to tell them how your book can help them experience this transformation.

You can use this strategy equally well with nonfiction books and novels.

I dive much deeper into how to execute this 1-2 punch and provide you with examples of how to do it in this week’s video, so I really encourage you to watch it.

Until next time, take a lot of action and make things happen!



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