If you want to grab and engage your prospects, your sales copy must be written in a concise style that is at-a-glance-friendly to the eye. A liberal use of headlines, subheads, short paragraphs, and bullet points is a great way to do this. Goggle Eyes

Bottom line, you want to make your marketing content look like it is quick and easy to read.

One element that gets overlooked in this equation is the craft of writing razor-sharp bullet points. Bullets are a crisp way to communicate your product/service benefits in a manner that is urgent and to the point.

A timeless formula to follow when writing bullets is to…

  • Begin them with action words
  • Keep them brief and punchy
  • Avoid repeating the same descriptors


Through our innovative online programs, Deep Dive Marketing will:

  • Craft winning marketing messages for your business
  • Build and enhance your brand reputation
  • Drive more prospects into your sales funnel
  • Expand your bottom line and grow your enterprise


Moving far beyond the scope of a typical business book, Heed Your Passion gives you the tools you need to:

  •  Create a mindset that sets you up for long-term success
  • Generate unstoppable momentum in your career
  • Define success and fulfillment on YOUR terms

All of these bullet points begin with action words, deliver a quick punch, and none of the action words or descriptors are repeated. And, each bullet fits easily on one line, making them fast and easy to read.

Remember, people skim sales copy before they read it. After glancing at headlines and subheads, their eyes usually dart to your bullet points for a quick look. So make them count!

Always give your bullets a lot of care, and never just crank them out and take them for granted. Because next to your headlines, your bullets may be what motivates prospects to read the marketing copy that surrounds them.

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