This week’s secrets to writing better video scripts focus on structure, which is often overlooked for some crazy reason. Remember, a poorly planned script will doom a video before you even turn on the camera. YouTube Logo

In a nutshell, you want to structure video scripts like all great stories. This means giving it a clear beginning, middle and end. Even if your script is just one to three minutes, you can still use this simple structure effectively.


Hook your prospects right off the top by demonstrating you have a clear understanding of the challenges they face, or the “need” they must have met. Further engage viewers by positioning your product or book as a solution to these challenges or “wants.”

Part of this positioning should be a clear statement about why the information you are about to provide will be of great value. The main point here is to make sure your opening is more about your prospects, and less about you. This gives you much more credibility.


Create a series of points that communicate your product’s benefits, and explain how they create value for your prospects by helping them solve a problem, or satisfy a need or curiosity of some kind. In short, tell prospects what the big takeaways will be when they use your product or read your book.

Next, use belief builders such as statistics, testimonials, reviews or graphs that support the marketing claims you are making. Belief builders are also called, social proof. Employing them in your copy is always a great touch that can further build credibility for you.


This is where you tell viewers in direct terms what you want them to do next. Don’t be shy or passive. Lead them through any special offers or action steps you want them to take.

If your video includes an offer, support it with value demonstrations, risk reversals or added bonuses such as free downloads.

Close your video by asking prospects to share it with their crowd and post a comment. If you’d like to have them visit your web site for more information—encourage them to do so.

It’s also a good idea to close your video with a statement that moves or inspires your audience. You always want to conclude by letting prospects know you are on their side and that you have a passion for helping them.


Throughout your video scripts, always look for places to include a quick story or anecdote. People love stories, even if they’re very short. The more information you can communicate in your video through story—the better!

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