When I write marketing copy for coaches, speakers, and authors, the point I stress repeatedly to them is this: The most valuable real estate in any marketing piece you create is your headlines. 

In fact, headline development is the most important aspect of strong message development; and when I’m writing sales copy for coaches and authors – I spend more time on headlines than anything else.

I know a lot of effective headline writing strategies. But, this post focuses on a simple strategy that works great on landing pages designed to sell books, information products, and consulting services.

This strategy assumes that before anyone reads your landing page in detail, there’s a strong chance they’ll skim your headlines and subheads first. (Admit it, you do this too)

If this is the first thing visitors do when they hit your landing page, you’ll want to structure your headlines and subheads so readers receive a compelling sales message and call to action.

This “secret message” style of headline writing will often motivate readers to go back and review the body copy between your headlines to gain more detail about your book, product, or service.

So, how do you do this?

Here is an EXAMPLE of how this headline technique can be used on a sales page that promotes a business book about integrating your spiritual and business lives.

Discover the Book that Blends Business with Spirit

<Name of book and author – image of cover>

Integrate Mindfulness with Entrepreneurial Success

<Body copy goes here…>

Create Financial Abundance by Being a Business Go-Giver

<Body copy goes here…>

Make Your Career a Purpose-Driven Journey

<Body copy goes here…>

Honor Your Dream and Turn Your Passion into Your Profession

<Body copy goes here…>

Purchase this Book TODAY and Receive 3 Special Bonus Gifts!

<Offer copy goes here…>

Through this headline sequence alone, you gain insight into the book’s primary takeaways, and the central themes woven throughout – without seeing any detailed body copy.

You also receive an attractive special offer message.

If visitors to this sales page merely skim this simple series of benefit-driven headlines, those interested in merging their spiritual and business lives will be compelled to dive into your body copy to learn more.

This is what you want your headlines to do!

So, next time you create a sales page for your book or information product, structure your headline and subhead sequence so it delivers an enticing standalone sales message.

Doing so could be what makes your visitors hang out on your page long enough to become buyers.

Did this post provide you insights that will help you do this?

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