Say goodbye to them forever. Whether you’re writing B2B, B2C or any other marketing content, the days of hype and fluff sales copy are over. Lemon Mouth

Prospects can smell marketing B.S. a mile away, and it puts a really bitter taste in their mouths. If they get even a whiff of it in your sales copy—you’re dead.

Right now I’m writing a Core Message Platform for a client. The one thing I keep repeating to myself as I write is this:

Everything I write really has to mean something!

The urge to flow some hype and sizzle into your copy is natural. And there is nothing wrong with being enthusiastic with your direct response sales copy, especially when you believe strongly in your product or service.

However, today your copy needs to be authentic. Prospects demand that it has depth, detail and REAL meaning.

The hard truth about copywriting in the age of interactive media is that hype, fluff and “B.S. they can butter their bread with” doesn’t work anymore.

Kill the Clichés

When you’re writing Core Messages for your product or service, be honest and aware of your writing. Keep an eye out for skin-deep clichés, such as…

  • “It’s a cut above the rest.”
  • “It’s second to none.”
  • “There’s nothing else like it.”
  • “It’s a game changer.”

All of these terms are shallow and they don’t really mean anything. So if you find them slipping into your sales copy, it’s usually a strong idea to get rid of them.

Replace them with copy that provides prospects with specific information that is truthful, detailed and believable. Writing this way may not feel as zippy and clever—but it’s more likely to generate leads and sales.

A good rule of thumb is to assume your audience is intelligent and skeptical. Just like you are!

There are many techniques you can use to energize your sales copy, and I’m always looking for new ones.

But, always make sure everything you write has genuine meaning. If you write fluff for the sake of fluff, your audience will see right through it and move on.

To be convincing, your copy has to be believable.

I can’t say this enough. If your copy is filled with puffery, it will come across as dishonest. This can kill your credibility. Instantly. Because once you plant a seed of distrust in your audience, they’ll never trust you again. Ever.

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