It’s a simple fact. When your prospects are presented with inconsistent or muddled marketing messages, they instinctively say, “No,” and move on. Marketing Success

However, creating consistent selling statements throughout your marketing materials can be difficult. Especially when you’re under the gun to produce a sales letter by the end of the week and an e-blast campaign by Monday—not to mention the landing page that’s due ASAP.

So how do leading companies throughout the country solve this problem?

Here’s their secret: They rely on comprehensive Core Message Platforms that include a series of strong, benefit-driven statements about their products.

I know this to be true because 15 years ago I created the Core Message Platform, and over the years I’ve written dozens of them for my clients. It’s my signature copywriting service, and now I’m going to teach you everything I know about how to write them.

What is a Core Message Platform?

A Core Message Platform is a comprehensive document (normally 12 to 15 pages) that includes all of the persuasive benefit-driven messages about your product or service. Its primary purpose is to be within arm’s reach and serve as your “master messaging document.”

When you’ve completed your Core Message Platform, it acts as the springboard from which you can create all of the sales pieces connected to your product or service. This includes, website pages, e-blast campaigns, auto-responders, video scripts, sales letters, brochures and more!

Picture a 12- to 15-page document packed with dynamic marketing messages about your product, and you’ll get a good idea of what a Core Message Platform looks like.

It’s not a complicated document, but it’s very essential to your marketing success.

Reputation is Built through Repetition

If you want your core selling messages to be persistent across multiple marketing channels, creating a Core Message Platform gives you your best chance for success.

This is a much more effective strategy than writing marketing materials one at a time on a “make-it-up-as-you-go” basis.

When you just “wing it” with your messaging it comes out inconsistent and disjointed, and this can kill your promotional campaign really quick.

Prospects will not digest and remember your selling statements if they bounce around and change with each new marketing piece you create.

Always remember this – repetition builds reputation. This means your marketing messages have to be crisp and focused, so prospects can focus on your message!

Over the next several weeks I’ll show you how to structure and write highly-compelling Core Message Platforms, so you can create one for your product or service.

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