Why every book needs a Core Message Platform by Casey Demchak

Repetition builds reputation

I’m going to begin the new year by focusing on a fundamental copywriting strategy that should be the centerpiece of your book marketing campaign.

This core strategy applies equally if you’re going to launch an online program.

You’ve heard me say many times that strong book marketing copy is the foundation of your book promotion campaign.

The smart way for every author to create strong book marketing copy is to build a Core Message Platform™ for your book.

You can find out what a Core Message Platform™ is and why it’s so important by checking out this week’s video.

Creating a Core Message Platform™ will give you all the marketing copy you need for your book promotion campaign.

Having a Core Message Platform™ at your fingertips will also give you a ton of confidence as you launch your book and chart your long-term marketing campaign.

I cover this topic in great detail in this week’s video, so I encourage you to take a few minutes and check it out!

To find out why it’s so critical to create a Core Message Platform™ for your book,
click through and check out this week’s Book Marketing Copy Quick Tip video.


Repetition of Message Builds Reputation of Book

Writing a comprehensive Core Message Platform™ is vital to creating strong marketing copy for your book. You’ll discover exactly why in this week’s video.

Here are some of the key points you’ll hear me cover.Core Message Platform™ for your book will ensure the voice, message, and tone of your marketing copy is dynamic and consistent across all of your marketing channels.

With a Core Message Platform™ at your fingertips, you’ll have a lot of confidence when you launch your book. You’ll also feel excited about marketing your book months and years after your launch.

I love to say that the repetition of your message builds the reputation of your book.

In this week’s video I explain why developing a Core Message Platform™ is the key to building your book’s reputation and assuring readers receive memorable marketing messages that motivate them to buy.

Again, I touch on all these points in more detail in this week’s video. So please watch it.

Until next week, take action and make things happen!


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