When Should I Write My Book Marketing Copy

This week I continue my series on book marketing copy fundamentals by answering another question authors ask me frequently.

“Hey Casey, when is the best time to write my book marketing copy?”

I have definite opinions about the best time to write your book marketing copy, and the not-so-best time to write it. You can hear my thoughts in this week’s video.

One thing you should never do is ignore the need to write effective marketing copy for your book.

If you want to be a bestselling author and create long-term royalty income from your book, your writing/publishing plan must include a strategy for developing effective book promotion content.

Remember, failing to plan means planning to fail.

Again, I have some definite feelings about the best time to write your book marketing copy. You can tap into these feelings by watching this week’s video.

To find out the best time to write your book marketing copy,
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In this week’s video, I share my thoughts on the best time to write your book marketing copy and the worst times to write it. Here is a glimpse into what you’ll hear.

After You’ve Written Your Book

Writing your book marketing copy after you’ve completed your book can work, provided you write it well before your book launch.

However, here’s the potential problem with this strategy.

If you didn’t write your book promotion content while you were writing your book, it may be because you are procrastinating or because you have a fear of writing it. Or maybe you’re just not excited about writing it.

If this is the case, you probably won’t write it until shortly before your book launch. This will put you under a lot of stress, which will impact the quality of your book marketing copy.

This is why I think it’s a bad idea to write your promotional content in that gap between the time you finish your book and the time you launch it.

The exception to this is when you have plenty of time between when you finish your book and when you launch it. For me, this window of time should be at least six to eight weeks.

The bottom line is this: Don’t wait until the last minute when you’re under a lot of stress to write your book marketing copy. If you do, it won’t be very good.

Before You’ve Written Your Book

This is a unique approach that can work. I’ve worked with over 200 authors and only one of them has asked me to write their book marketing copy before they wrote their book.

It ended up going really well because my marketing copy gave the author ideas that influenced what she wrote in her book.

This is a unique approach that can work, and it definitely eliminates the pressure that comes with writing your marketing copy just days before your book launch.

However, I’m aware that most authors are going to start writing their book before their promotional content. This leads to my favorite approach to writing your book marketing copy.

While You’re Writing Your Book

This is my recommended strategy for when to write your book marketing copy. The best collaborations I’ve had with authors have been when we’ve crafted their marketing copy while they were writing their books, or when their books had been sent to an editor.

This approach eliminates the pressure of creating your marketing copy shortly before your launch. It also gives you plenty of time to write and revise your copy over an extended time period as you’re writing your book.

Also, on days when you feel a little blocked or fatigued you can set your book aside and dedicate a few hours to your marketing copy.

Overall, it’s my belief that creating your marketing copy as you’re writing your book is the best approach to take.

Your book writing will influence your marketing copy, and your marketing copy will influence your book content. And you eliminate the pressure and stress of writing your promotional materials shortly before your book launch.

Again, I cover all three of the above options in greater detail in this week’s video, so I encourage you to watch it.

Until next time, take action and make things happen!


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