When I was a kid there were word games where you could read a simple letter—and if you circled every fifth word you would get a secret message of some kind. Jacked Up Success

It was neat. So neat in fact that I developed a similar strategy that works wonders on your web site sales pages.

The strategy is built around the fact that before anyone reads your web site sales page, they will almost always skim your headlines first.

This is why I always encourage you to employ a liberal use of benefit-driven headlines and subheads when writing web site sales copy.

So, here is my can’t-miss strategy in straightforward English:

If all a visitor does is skim your sales page headlines and subheads, they should receive a concise selling message and a confident call to action. This “secret” message will often entice them to go back and read all the copy between your headlines to learn more detail about your product.

Here is an EXAMPLE of how this can look on a web sales page promoting a business book.

Embrace the Book that Will Transform How Our Culture Unites Business with Soul

<Name of book and author – image of cover>

Discover the power of integrating myth, science, spirituality and business

<Body copy goes here…>

Manifest financial abundance and heartfelt professional relationships

<Body copy goes here…>

Blend life and career into a purpose-driven spiritual journey

<Body copy goes here…>

Honor your desire to make your passion your profession

<Body copy goes here…>

Buy this book today and receive thousands of dollars in FREE bonus gifts with your purchase!

<Offer copy goes here…>

Without even seeing the body copy between these headlines, you gain a strong sense of what this book is about and what some of its key emotional takeaways are. Plus, you receive a very attractive special offer message.

Based on this sequence of benefit-driven headlines alone, someone interested in this topic will be very tempted to go back and read the body copy to learn more details.

This is what you want your headlines to do!

So the next time you set up a sales page for your book, program or information product, review your sequence of headlines and subheads and make sure that even without your body copy they deliver a strong and inviting sales message.

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