Every so often I take on projects where an author/speaker/coach or other solopreneur will request that I review the copywriting on his or her web site. Scared Guy

When I review sites I tend to find similar content writing mistakes that are common to many of them. Here are three big ones I see a lot that I strongly urge you to avoid.

#1 Weak or non-existent headlines

Headlines are the most valuable real estate on your web site. Don’t waste them by going with generic headlines that make general statements. Examples:

What my book is about

Product benefits

About the author

Instead, grab your readers and drive them into your body copy with benefit-driven headlines, or headlines that ask thought-provoking questions. Examples:

5 Things you must know about how to increase….

Enhance your revenues through…..

Interested in learning the top 5 new lead gen secrets?

#2 Big blocks of dark chunky text

Web site pages cannot look like the inside of a book. Large paragraph chunks of text followed by more dark chunky paragraphs look boring and like they’d take too darn long to read.

To combat this you need to make your copy more “at-a-glance friendly.” Accomplish this with:

  •  A liberal use of headlines and subheads
  • Paragraphs no longer than two or three lines each
  • Sharp, concise benefit-driven bullet points

This technique gives your copy a more open, airy look with a lot of white space around it—which is much more appealing to the eye.

#3 A lack of call-to-action lines

You need confident call-to-action lines on all your web pages. In other words, conclude each page by telling readers what you want them to do next, and/or where you want them to go next. Examples:

Order my new information product by September 30, 2014, and receive a 20% discount.

Learn more about us and how our process will help you maximize your earning power.

In the second example, about us and the word process would be direct links to those pages. This is a simple way to further engage visitors and guide them to other pages on your site.

There you have it. Three quick simple tips you can use to review your own web site. Make these adjustments, and your site will definitely stand out from the pack.

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