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The COVID-19 situation crisis rolls on, so I want to start by sending you a lot of positive energy. I sincerely hope you and your family are doing well.

I believe a lot of good will eventually emerge from this situation if that’s what you choose to focus on. You and I are definitely going to be different on the other side of this.

I am certain we are either going to be weaker or stronger. We’re certainly not going to be the same. So I say we choose to get stronger together. This requires that we take command of our thoughts.

This week’s video focuses on some simple steps you and I can take to emerge from this better than we went into it.

While you and I are spending a ton of time at home, there are things we can do and choices we can make to assure we remain dynamic and vibrant as this situation evolves.

You and I are in this together, so I say we come out of this better than ever. It can be done, so let’s do it!

If you’re in the mood for a little inspiration, I encourage you to watch this week’s video.

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Make a Choice to Command Your Thoughts

In this week’s video I discuss simple steps you can follow to take command of your thoughts and emerge from this COVID-19 crisis in a position of strength and certainty. So please watch it.

Here is a quick rundown of the main points you’ll hear me talk about.

This situation is either going to make you weaker or stronger. You’re certainly not going to remain the same. So choose to come out of this stronger and more certain of your purpose.

Take a moment to be grateful for the fact that you’re already ahead of the curve by having skills that enable you to navigate the online world. Many people don’t have a clue how to do this and these skills are now more essential than ever. So be glad you’re ahead of the game!

Commit to learning some new skills or completing tasks that you’ve let simmer on the back burner for a little too long.

This is the perfect time to become a mastermind in terms of the thoughts you choose. Remember, what you focus on expands. So make a conscious decision about what you want to see expand in your life and focus your thoughts accordingly.

Again, I cover these points in more detail in this week’s video, so I encourage you to watch it.

Until next week, take action and be good to yourself and those you love!


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