Two weeks ago I began a two-part series on video script writing by telling you how to open your script by painting a solution picture.

In this post I’m going to reiterate this tip and use it as a kickoff point for sharing my top four big script writing tips that can be applied to virtually any video you create. Big Foot

Tip #1 – Paint Your USP Picture

As I described in my previous post, open your video script with an immediate statement and visual that paints a picture of how your product’s USP will provide significant value to your prospects.

Don’t slowly build up to it or tease it. Instead, charge straight out of the gate with your solution picture and grab and engage your audience with it.

Using this technique greatly increases the chance your prospects will watch your entire video and take action on it.

Tip #2 – Never lift directly from your website copy

Never lift copy from your website marketing content and drop it straight into your video script.  Yes, your video messaging should be consistent with your other sales pieces.

However, video narration must be written in an authentic conversational tone that comes across the way people really speak. If lifted straight from your print or digital marketing content, it will most likely sound a little stiff or contrived.

Tip #3 – Where you have show you don’t need tell

Much less explaining is needed with video because instead of telling your audience how things work—you can simply show them.

This is the great advantage you have with video, so use it. People respond to visuals extremely fast. So never make the mistake of using 20 seconds of video to explain something if you can visually present it in just a few seconds.

Tip #4 – Tell stories whenever you can!

Video is the ultimate marketing channel for telling good stories. Always look for opportunities to communicate product benefits and results through success stories from satisfied clients.

Painting solution pictures are another great way to utilize storytelling. People love good visual stories, so always look for opportunities to shape and share them when you develop and plan your next video script.

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