When you really boil it down, every product or book exists to solve a problem or meet a need of some kind.

Too often, marketers make the mistake of thinking the problem their product solves is so obvious, they fail to mention it in their marketing materials. Don’t let this happen. 

You know what problem your product solves or what need your book meets because you live with your business every day. Your prospects don’t.

So make sure your marketing content includes a clear, dynamic explanation of the specific problem your product solves.

Take this one step further in your sales copy and describe how your product or book adds value to the life of those who purchase it. (Yes, this even applies to business-to-business marketing content)

You can do this by answering the following questions: How does my product, service or book…

  •  Help prospects complete tasks quicker and easier?
  • Make prospects enjoy their work day more?
  • Make my customers feel more fulfilled?
  • Give prospects one less thing to worry about at night?
  • Address significant pain points in their personal or professional life?
  • Reduce the stress level of my prospects?
  • Satisfy a curiosity of some kind?
  • Quench a need to achieve a specific emotional state?

By addressing these questions in your marketing content, your sales copy will be more about your prospects and a little less about you.

All of the questions I listed may not apply to your product or book, but I bet at least a few of them do.

In today’s business world, you must demonstrate that you have a clear understanding of what your prospects want and need. Your sales copy really needs to be about them—and less about you.

When you show some empathy and establish that you are in touch with the real-world needs of your prospects—you are in a much stronger position to tout your product, book or service as a solution to a problem, or a means to satisfying a thirst of some kind.

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