Marketing copy that’s intended to motivate prospects should be written in a concise style and formatted so it looks inviting to the eye. Open space around your copy makes your sales content look fast and easy read—which greatly increases the chances prospects will dive into it. profitcurve

Using bullet points is a simple way to make your promotional copy “at-a-glance” friendly, but you want to be strategic with how you use them.

For example, after you’ve positioned your product as a solution to your prospects’ challenge, a great way to communicate your product benefits is through a tight set of bullet points that begin with dynamic action words.


Through our social media programs, Jimstone Marketing can:

  • Develop leading-edge marketing messages for your business
  • Build your brand reputation with prospects
  • Drive more customers into your facility
  • Fuel your bottom line and grow your enterprise


Journeying far beyond the scope of a typical murder mystery, The Ravine fills you with hope and guides you to where you gain the ability to:

  • Discard your lifelong inability to forgive
  • Discover deeper happiness and fulfilling inner peace
  • Cherish ultimate freedom in every moment you’re alive

As you can see, all of these bullet points are brief and begin with punchy action words. They all communicate key benefits, and they are limited to a single line.

When people skim your sales copy their eyes often hit your headlines and jump down to your bullet points. So give your bullets a lot of attention because they may be your best chance to get prospects to read the marketing copy that surrounds them.

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