The old days and ways of hype and sizzle sales writing are gone. Forever.

Sales writing that is structured as a one-way monologue toward prospects just doesn’t cut it anymore. Today, persuasive marketing messages must be crafted in a style that creates an honest two-way dialogue between companies and their target audience. Soul Dog

This tidal shift in writing style is driven by the expanding power of social media, which dictates that companies have more interactive relationships with their clients.

I refer to this more contemporary messaging style as go-giver sales writing. With a little bit of work, it can be easy to grasp.

Go-giver writers ask four simple questions

Writing from a go-giver mindset requires you to consider four basic questions as you develop your core marketing messages: How can I…

  1. Communicate my message through a voice that is authentic and sincere?
  2. Develop persuasive copy that centers more on my prospects, and less on my company?
  3. Create content that is clearly intended to deliver high-end VALUE to my prospects?
  4. Provide my audience with two or three convenient ways to interact with me DIRECTLY?

Yes, you really can spend more time writing about your prospects and their needs, and still sell to them. When you focus on being a go-giver who provides straightforward valuable information, you are in a much stronger position to:

  1. Give prospects a no-pressure way to get to know you
  2. Gain credibility with followers, prospects, and clients
  3. Build lasting relationships based on a foundation of trust
  4. Get people to like you!

Nail each of these four points, and your audience is much more likely to buy from you.

Prospects can smell B.S. a mile away

Developing sales messages from a go-giver mindset makes it much easier to overcome the fact that people have had it with cliché-riddled sales pitches that smell like B.S.

Bottom line, be a go-giver and write about your prospects first. Let them know you care. Show you understand their pain points.

Offer them honest solutions to the pressing challenges that keep them up at night. Provide them with big-time value, and make it easy for them to interact with you directly.

The go-giver mindset represents a big change in sales writing. But, I encourage you to embrace and master this change. It’s the perfect way to sell your product or service—without making a worn-out sales pitch!

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