The Perfect Time to Write Your Marketing Copy

Good timing is everything!

Over the last eight years I’ve written the marketing copy for nearly 40 books that have become bestsellers. During this journey there have been numerous authors who have asked me one particular question over and over again.

It’s a real basic but important question, and it applies equally to your online programs. The question is this:

“Hey Casey, when is the best time to write my marketing copy?”

I have a very definitive question answer to this question and you can hear me discuss it in this week’s video.

Not only will you find out the best time to write your marketing copy and why, but you’ll also hear me talk about the absolute worst time to develop your book marketing copy.

Timing really is everything when it comes to writing your book promotion and online program materials. So I encourage you to check out this week’s video.

To find out the perfect time to write your marketing copy,
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Sooner Is Much Better Than Later

When you write your marketing copy can play a vital role in the success of your book or online program promotion. You’ll find out why in this week’s video, so I urge you to watch it.

Here are some of the important points you’ll hear me discuss.

It is always wise to start writing your book marketing copy sooner rather than later.

If you’re going to do a launch-day bestseller promotion for your book, you’ll definitely want to write your book marketing copy well in advance – especially if you need to supply affiliates with “swipe” copy they can use to help promote your book.

A successful book launch and promotion involves a lot of moving parts, and you no doubt will have some unexpected challenges to overcome as you near your launch date.

Leaving the development of your book marketing copy to the last couple weeks before your launch can be extremely stressful.

And, if you write your book marketing copy under a tight stressful deadline, it isn’t going to be as sharp and engaging as it could be if you had given yourself more time.

So start writing your marketing copy months in advance of your launch so you have ample time to refine, massage, and polish it before your book promotion campaign begins.

Again, I cover these points more in-depth in this week’s video. So please watch it.

Until next week, take action and make things happen!


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