gandiaiconforfeaturedimageAfter 21 years of creating dynamic medical marketing materials as a B2B copywriter, I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with young copywriters who are trying to build their own career.

Last week I was able to do this with thousands of listeners when I was a guest on Ed Gandia’s High-Income Business Writing podcast.

Ed is a master copywriter who is very successful training up-and-coming B2B copywriters. He’s also just a great person with whom I really enjoy talking. So sharing my insights with his listeners about B2B copywriting in the medical device industry was a natural fit, and a lot of fun too.

During my interview Ed allowed me to provide inside information about writing B2B marketing pieces for medical device companies, including:

  • What’s involved
  • The type of projects that are in demand
  • Who the best types of clients are
  • What clients look for in a writer

I also provided some quick-hitting strategies on how to break into this lucrative market, and I gave everybody tips about how to build momentum and land new clients for their copywriting business once they have their foot in the door.

In addition to writing B2B medical marketing, I also create a lot of marketing content for authors, speakers and coaches. So Ed asked me to give listeners some advice on how to excel as a copywriter in two distinctly different markets.

I told listeners that it is perfectly fine to limit yourself to one niche market—as many writers have done very successfully. However, I added that if writing about the same type of products day in and day out leads to boredom, or you simply feel you’re limiting your chances of getting work, it’s perfectly fine to blend a second specialty into your copywriting business.

Finally, I love to get people excited about their lives, so Ed allowed me to share some mindset marketing tips that have fueled my career. I told listeners that to build a successful copywriting business it really is essential to:

  • Drop any limiting beliefs you may have about yourself
  • Set you intentions and firmly believe you deserve success
  • Act, speak and walk as if you’ve already achieved massive success
  • Take a lot of inspired actions that are fueled with sincere, authentic passion

I really enjoyed speaking with Ed and his loyal listeners, and I highly recommend that you download his High-Income Business Writing podcast and become part of his crowd. You’ll be glad you did! Listen to my podcast with Ed Gandia here:

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