The easiest way to improve any medical marketing piece is to create better headlines. When you need to come up with a great headline quickly, these three strategic tips will help you get what you need in a hurry.

#1 Remember that great headlines can be very simple

Many people waste a lot of time trying to come up with headlines that are witty, zippy or clever when something straightforward and simple may be the better choice. Consider these three examples:

  •  How to increase office productivity and reduce healthcare costs.
  • Five steps to cutting healthcare costs by 30%.
  • Want to lower your company’s healthcare costs by 30%?

Clever, witty or zippy? Hardly. But, if these three headlines were directed at human resource directors, they would arouse interest, get their attention and most likely motivate them to read the copy beneath them.

#2 State or imply a promise in your headline

Take another look at the three previous headline examples. Each of them states or implies a benefit. And it’s strongly implied that how to achieve the benefit being promised will be revealed in the body copy below the headline.

Make or imply a promise in your headlines and you have a much greater chance of drawing readers into your body copy. However, be truthful and never imply promises you can’t keep.

#3 Use “3 Secrets To” headlines

This is a simple headline technique that can be very effective. Begin your headline with
3 Secrets To…and then state or imply a promise that you will follow up on in your body copy.

  •  3 Secrets To Achieving Greater Surgical Outcomes
  • 3 Secrets To Increasing Positive Interaction With Patients
  • 3 Secrets To Reducing Your Practice Overhead Costs

Using this technique also creates a basic 1-2-3 structure for the copy that will be written beneath your headline. So when you need a headline in a hurry make sure these three tips are always within arm’s reach.