I touch on this point frequently because it’s always worth revisiting. Avoid being fancy and cute with your medical copywriting. And never try to impress people with how many big words you know.

Even heavy readers with college-size vocabularies want to read marketing materials quickly. Remember, the key to great sales writing is mastering a tight, concise communication style.

Always check your copy for three- or four-syllable words that can be replaced with one- or two-syllable words.

Yes, you do have to consider medical industry jargon that must be included in your marketing materials. And yes, you do not want to “dumb down” your copy to a level that is beneath your audience.

However, the rule of using simple words and short sentences is always a great starting point from which to build your sales copy—no matter how sophisticated your buying audience may be.

The medical and healthcare industry is already loaded with long-winded clinical terms. Why add to the clutter by making your copy more difficult to read. That’s what clinical study papers are for!

Trust me, your medical prospects will never complain your marketing message is too easy to read and digest.

Most important, when your message is simple and concise it is much easier for your prospects to remember it—and that’s exactly what you want them to do.