It was a great honor and privilege to be a featured speaker at the recently completed AWAI (American Artists & Writers, Inc.) B2B Copywriting Intensive, which was held June 1-4 at the Royal Palms Resort & Spa in Phoenix, Arizona.American Writers & Artists AWAI logo

All the attendees were pumped up and ready to learn insights about B2B copywriting and how to start their own independent copywriting business. I conducted workshops that focused on how to develop and market Key Message Copy Platforms, and on how to create and write effective B2B video scripts.

I also mixed humor and inspiration into my sessions along with some real-world life-in-the-trenches stories, and the participants seemed to really appreciate it.

Joining me as speakers were Gordon Graham (The White Paper Guy); Casey Hibbard (Compelling Case Studies); Dianna Huff (Creating Effective Web Sites); Steve Slaunwhite (Marketing Your B2B Copywriting Business); and the legendary Bob Bly (Writing Copy That Generates Leads and Conversions).

Developing relationships with such nationally-known copywriters was an incredible experience for me. I have to admit it was a special honor getting to know Bob Bly because his books served as the blueprint for launching my B2B copywriting career 15 years ago. To be able to now call him a colleague is a big thrill for me.

Special Shout Out to the AWAI Team

AWAI is an internationally renowned organization dedicated to teaching up-and-coming copywriters the ins and outs of starting their own careers. I can now tell you from firsthand experience that they have an incredible team.

Along with putting on a great event, Rebecca Matter, Denise Ford, Charlotte Crockette and Kayla Golladay went out their away to make me and everyone else feel at home and appreciated.

What really impressed me is that everyone with AWAI does everything they can to make sure event participants have access to all the tools they need to launch a successful copywriting career. They really come from the heart and I respect this a lot.

I was extremely proud to be part of the B2B Copywriting Intensive, and I look forward to continuing my relationship with AWAI and doing everything I can to make their B2B copywriting division a treasure trove of great information and inspiration for copywriters around the world.

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