It’s always worth looping back to this essential point from time to time. When writing sales copy for your book or product, avoid being fancy and cute with your sales writing. And never try to impress people with how many big words you know. business-advertisement-316824-m

Even heavy readers with college-size vocabularies want to read marketing materials quickly. Remember, the key to great copywriting is mastering a tight, concise communication style.

So always check your copy for four-syllable words that can be replaced with one- or two-syllable words. If you write a sentence that stretches out to 25 or 30 words, creating two shorter sentences might be better.

Yes, you do have to consider industry jargon that is common to your market. And yes, you do not want to “dumb down” your copy to a level that is beneath your audience.

However, the rule of using simple words and short sentences is always a great starting point from which to build your sales copy—no matter how sophisticated your buying audience may be.

Here is an example of this technique using back cover copy for a fictitious book we’ll call, Get Back into the Game.


In Get Back into the Game, Tommy Blake reveals 12 easy ways to shift instantly to a champion’s mindset. You’ll learn to seize opportunities and take actions that get results today!

This is the ideal book for athletes who want to rev up their lives and win. You’ll discover how to master your mind’s hidden ability to:

  •  Switch into a strong, confident mindset at any moment
  • Respond quickly and effectively under pressure
  • Flip a switch and be in total control of your emotions
  • Dump limiting beliefs and attract abundance and victories

Tommy guides you through 12 simple lessons that will make exciting changes in your life. Not in weeks or months—but right now!

Whether you are writing marketing content for a book or a complex technical product, your prospects will never complain that your message is too easy to read.

Simple words make it easy to communicate your message in a very straightforward style.

When your message is simple and concise it is much easier for your prospects to digest and remember it. And that’s exactly what you want them to do!

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