Selling books is all about spreading the word. And to spread the word you need a series of dynamic digital and traditional marketing materials that have a persistent and consistent voice and message (repetition builds reputation!).

But you don’t want to write your book marketing materials on a “let’s-make-it-up-as-we-go” basis. This leads to muddled, hurried and inconsistent messaging. Solution

Instead, you want to work from a well-crafted Key Message Copy Platform that serves as the master-messaging document for all your book campaign materials.

Once completed, Your Key Message Copy Platform becomes the springboard for writing your back cover copy; sales sheets, promotional e-blasts; web site sales pages and other marketing materials for your book.

Creating a Key Message Copy Platform is a must, and a typical one usually includes these sections:

  •  Enticing 75- and 150-word descriptions about your book
  • A tight, concise 30-second pitch about your book
  • A series of attention-getting key messages for your book (including headlines)
  • Emotional selling messages that hook your target audience
  • A half-page author bio that speaks from the heart
  • Messaging about why the media should want to interview you
  • A series of social media posts for use on Twitter, Facebook and Google +
  • “Benefit-driven” and “thought-provoking” headlines about your book

A Key Message Copy Platform for your book is your baby. So you can organize it anyway you want and add and subtract sections as needed.

The main takeaway here is that working from a Key Message Copy Platform assures your marketing materials always have persistent and consistent marketing messages. This is essential because:

For people to focus on your message, your message must be focused.

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