It can be tempting. Very tempting. But try your very best not to do it. Never open a marketing piece by touting how special your books and/or

Instead, take a more humble approach. Begin your marketing content by talking about your prospects. Make it clear that you relate to their challenges and understand what keeps them up at a night. In other words:

Let your prospects know you feel their pain.

If you’re marketing a book, let potential readers know you’re aware of the curiosity they want to satisfy or the feeling they’d like to achieve, such as fulfillment, satisfaction, security, mindfulness, etc.

Taking this approach immediately makes your sales copy more about your prospects and less about you. And these days, that’s what people expect.

Writing about your prospects’ needs and pain points also lets them know you’ve done your homework. This gives you the credibility to introduce your product as a solution that meets their needs, quenches their curiosity, or solves their problems.


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Want to know if you’re really putting the needs and pain points of your prospects first? I challenge you to look through your current marketing materials and hold them up to this simple test.

If the first several sentences of your promotional content begin with the words I or We—you definitely need to rewrite your copy so the needs of your prospects are front and center.

In other words, never “we we” on your prospects.

As tempting as it is to begin each marketing piece by talking about yourself, your product or what’s special about your book—don’t do it. Write about your prospects, their industry, their needs and desires, or the specific challenges they face.

Then, and only then, will you gain the credibility to position your book, product or service as a solution that meets their needs and overcomes their challenges.

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