Setups and payoffs are the vital relationship between your headline and your first line of sales copy. Good marketing content can really go splat when strong headlines are followed by copy that doesn’t have much to do with the headline. Ball

Never make this mistake. Always think of your headline as a setup and your first line of copy as its payoff. You can execute this technique by forming a cohesive connection between your headline and the first line of copy that follows it.


Headline (Product)

Why Do 4 out of 5 Doctors Recommend Johnson’s Wellness Formula?

First line of copy

Because clinical tests prove it reduces sore throat symptoms faster than other brands.

Headline (Coaching program)

Gain Greater Clarity through Martin’s Career Coaching Programs

First line of copy

In just two weeks you’ll possess the tools to realize your true purpose and pursue your professional vision with laser-like focus.

Headline (Fiction book)

Explore Your Hidden Desire to be Frightened Beyond Belief


First line of copy

Trek through a deep haunted cave to unearth an ancient treasure that’s protected by savage spirits who are determined to keep it.

When you maintain a tight link between your headline and your first line of copy, your marketing content will always be more dynamic and polished. And your ability to instantly engage prospects will be much stronger!

Until next time – set your intentions, believe in your heart you deserve success (because you do!), and take a lot of inspired actions!

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