You work hard on every word of your sales copy. But here’s a cold hard truth. Most people will only skim it before they decide if they want to read it. This may not seem fair. But that’s the way it is. However, here is a proven copywriting strategy that will help you fight back and win over the skimmers. Punching Chick

The strategy requires that you fully leverage the most valuable real estate in sales writing—your headlines and subheads.


Here’s how it works.

If all a visitor does is skim your sales page headlines and subheads, they should receive a compelling benefit-driven message and a confident call to action.

The selling message contained within your headline and subhead structure will often entice prospects to then read your body copy for more detail.

And that’s what you want them to do!

Here is an example of how this can look on a landing page promoting a business book.


Embrace a Book that Brings Heart and Soul to Your Business Culture

<Name of book and author – image of cover>

Discover the power of integrating science, spirit and enterprise

<Body copy goes here…>

Build financial abundance and authentic professional relationships

<Body copy goes here…>

Merge life and career into a purpose-driven and fulfilling journey

<Body copy goes here…>

Honor your desire to make your passion your profession

<Body copy goes here…>

Order today and instantly receive SPECIAL GIFTS worth over $200!

<Offer copy goes here…>

See how this works? You don’t even have to see the body copy between these headlines to gain a strong sense of what this book’s key takeaways are. You also know you will receive some valuable special gifts with your purchase.

Based on this benefit-driven headline sequence alone, someone interested in this topic will be motivated to read the body copy to learn even greater detail.

This is what you want your headlines to do!

So the next time you create a product sales page or a lead-generation piece, set up your headline and subhead sequence so that even without body copy you can deliver a dynamic and engaging sales message.

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