If you’re an author, speaker or coach you have to be engaged in social media and you definitely should have a blog. Blogging regularly drives web site traffic because it tells Google “you’re in it to win it” and that you stay updated as an industry expert.Success Gumbies

Daily engagement with social media is another must. To build your crowd you have to engage your crowd, and to engage your crowd you have to provide them with helpful content on a consistent basis. That’s what I try to do for you with my blog.

The fact is, regular blogging and social media engagement requires you to be a content generating machine. The easiest way to create content on a daily and weekly basis is to plan it out in advance.

Developing a content map is a simple way to this.

Just create some main topic headings, and below each main heading create a number of subheadings related to your main topic. When your content map is complete, keep it nearby and refer to it when you need ideas for blog and social media posts.

Below is a mini-content map I use in my copywriting business.


Key Message Copy Platforms

  •  What a platform is and why you need one
  • Discover and choose your voice
  • Chronicle the human value your product provides
  • Describe your unique selling proposition
  • Create your top five key message selling statements

Web Site Copy

  •  Build engaging headlines and subheads
  • Make your copy at-a-glance friendly
  • Guide visitors to other pages with call to action lines
  • Focus your copy on one key topic per page
  • Write killer sales landing page copy

Persuasive Sales Writing Insights

  •  Call to action/limited-time special offers/risk reversals
  • Create convincing value demonstrations
  • Don’t be afraid to use the fear factor
  • Utilizing thought provoking questions
  • Let people in on a secret

As you can see from this example, I have enough ideas in my content map to keep me busy writing for several weeks. So why not put this cool little tool to work for you so you can stay on a roll with your content!

If you got a knowledge boost from this post I encourage you to share it with your crowd!

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