Nearly every author and coach for whom I write marketing copy wants to know the secret to getting strong testimonial quotes from market influencers for their books and programs.

My answer usually surprises them.

Write your own endorsements and get influential people to agree to put their names on them.

This is done routinely in the world of independent book publishing and online program creation. I know, because I’ve written hundreds of endorsement quotes for authors and coaches who’ve used this strategy.

This leads to the next question, which is:

Why would key market influencers agree to put their names on endorsement quotes you’ve written yourself?

The answer is simple – publicity.

Industry influencers receive free publicity when their picture and endorsement appear in marketing materials for high-quality books and online programs.

This further makes them look like noted industry experts. However, they’re only going to associate themselves with books and online programs that are of high value and integrity.

So it’s a win/win for you and the influencers who are agreeable to endorsing your book or product.

To see examples of this tip and to learn more about getting perfect endorsement quotes from influential people, click through and check out this week’s Quick Answers to Copywriting Questions video.



When you write your own testimonial quotes, keep them tight and concise. One to three lines is ideal. Potential buyers are much more likely to read your testimonials if they look quick and easy to skim.

On the other hand, if your endorsement quotes go on for four or more lines, people are likely to pass them over or just read the first one or two lines.

Here are two examples of testimonials that get straight to the point and look fast and easy to read.

No doubt about it. This book is going to make a major impact in a lot of people’s lives. It’s a must read!

Wow, I’ve read a ton on this topic, but this is THE program that presents this information in simple steps I can implement quickly. A big-time thumbs up!

Not too complicated is it.

If you’ve wondered how authors and coaches get crisp compelling testimonials from influential people, this is how they do it. And you can too!

Until next week, take action and make things happen!


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