Casey Demchak's Big Secret to Writing Promotional Copy that Sells

Repetition of message builds the reputation of your book or program

I’m going to change things up this week by sharing some very valuable information I can’t quite fit into my typical “Quick Tip” video.

In other words, I’m giving you extra value this week!

As a Copywriter and Consultant who has written the book marketing copy for more than three dozen bestselling authors, I’ve learned the one big secret to writing promotional copy that sells more books.

This secret is one of the most powerful tools you can create for your book promotion campaign, and I’ve created a video webinar that details how you can put it to work for you.

The insights I provide in this video apply equally as well to creating marketing copy for your online programs.

You can access the video webinar here.

What you’ll discover in this video is that one of the most powerful tools you can create for your book promotion campaign is a master messaging document that I call a Core Message Platform™.

Many of the writers with whom I’ve worked have used this tool to help them become bestselling authors.

So, what is a Core Message Platform™?

A Core Message Platform™ is a comprehensive document (usually 15 to 20 pages) that includes marketing copy for a collection of promotional materials for your book.

No two Core Message Platforms I’ve written have been organized exactly the same.

But in general, the ones I’ve created for authors typically include back cover copy; Amazon descriptions; website book sales pages; sales sheet copy; 30-second pitch copy; promotional eblasts; taglines and slogans; media speaking points; press release copy; and more.

Access the video webinar here.

Picture marketing copy for all these promotional materials bundled into 15- to 20-page document, and you have a Core Message Platform™ for your book!

Having a Core Message Platform™ for your book assures you’ll have strong, consistent promotional messages across all your marketing channels.

This is vital in today’s crowded market because the repetition of your marketing message builds the reputation of your book.

So I encourage you to check out my video webinar.

It’s loaded with marketing copy tips you can apply immediately to your book and online program promotional campaigns.

Until next week, take action and make things happen!

To gain access to my video on how to create your
Core Message Platform™, just click right here.



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