profitcurveWhen you write a Key Message Copy Platform for your product or service, the point around which everything revolves is the section you devote to writing about your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Your USP is the primary competitive benefit your product has that sets it apart from your competition. It’s the benefit you can really hang your hat on and make the centerpiece of your marketing campaign.

If you are asked to give a 30-second pitch about your product, service or book, you definitely want to build your pitch around your USP.

Here is an example of a USP using a product for which I wrote the market launch materials.

The product is MemoryLens® and it was the world’s first pre-rolled intraocular lens for use in cataract surgery. Previously, surgeons had to go through the trouble of folding a lens in the operating room, which was often a time-consuming hassle.

Since MemoryLens® was pre-rolled, surgeons didn’t have to worry about following any folding procedures during surgery. This saved them time and aggravation—and it also gave me an instant USP around which I was able to write an entire marketing campaign—which I did.

The key is to identify your USP, so you can make it the “tent pole” benefit many of your key messages are built around.

Here is a simple example of a USP statement I wrote in a Copy Platform I created for a B2B office supply company called, COT Corporate.


Forming a strategic alliance with COT Corporate means you don’t have to juggle a long list of office resource vendors and sales reps. Instead, you only have to make one call. Much easier.

Sorting through a pile of vendor invoices is also a thing of the past. That’s because COT offers you simplified summary or statement billing. So you can write just one check.

Ordering through COT Corporate is easy. We provide clients with their own micro website. So you can purchase products that are custom tailored just for your company. The process is fast and simple.

This gives you greater control, more flexibility and cost efficiencies that enhance your bottom line. 

COT Corporate delivers one comprehensive solution that covers all your essential office needs. We bring you everything you need under one roof, with just one call.

This saves you time and money, and eliminates distractions and hassles. Leaving you free to do what you do best—which is grow your business.

The core benefit COT offers its clients is ease and convenience, and this is the statement I crafted to communicate this USP.

When you create your Message Platform, always start with your USP statement—and then build out from there.

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