No matter what, never overlook the importance of including a nice description of how your product works when you create your Message Platform.

If your customers look at your web site, brochure and data sheet and see three different descriptions of how your product works, you’re in trouble.

An explanation of how your product works isn’t zippy or sexy—but it’s an important part of building your product’s Message Platform. So come up with one good explanation that’s easy to follow, and use it throughout your marketing campaign.

Here is a “how-it-works” description I wrote for a product made by BioCare Systems called LumiWave. LumiWave uses the benefits of infrared light and heat to rejuvenate damaged cells and reduce body pain.


LumiWave uses the long-known therapeutic benefits of light to help ease long-term pain. When an area of your body hurts, the cells are typically damaged and in need of nourishment and repair. LumiWave provides this by using the most optimal wavelength of invisible infrared light.

It works like this. Light is made up of a stream of particles called photons. To gain nourishment, damaged cells absorb photons from light and transform their energy into a new form of energy the body uses to repair and regenerate cells. The result is healthier cells and a significant reduction in pain and discomfort, giving you greater control of your life. 

This description is clear and straight to the point. Again, it doesn’t have to be catchy. But NEVER overlook the importance of writing a tight description of how your product works.

Include this description in your Message Platform—and it will always be there at your fingertips when you need it.

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