I’ll admit it. The chance to write detailed descriptions of how a product works isn’t why I became a copywriter. Personally, I’d rather write engaging lead-generation and sales copy. robot-eyes-jpg

However, when I am writing a Core Message Platform™ for a client, I never overlook how important it is to develop a section that includes a specific description of how their product works.

Creating such a section may not be sexy, but it sure is vital to your message development. Here’s why:

If prospects review your website, brochure, videos, or data sheets, and find inconsistent descriptions about how your product works, it can cause a lot of confusion – which is never good.

Never Overlook This Step!

Remember, you know how your product works because you live with it every day. But your prospects don’t! So never fail to create a nice description of how your product or service works.

Again, it may not be glamorous, so it can be easy to overlook. However, knowing exactly how your product works may be extremely important to your clients. Especially if you live in the world of medical or industrial products.

Developing a solid description of how your product works is a cornerstone of a strong Core Message Platform™. So always take the time to develop one that is easy to follow, and then use it across all of your marketing channels. As I always say, repetition builds reputation.


Here is a “how-it-works” description I wrote for a service developed by Transworld, which is a company in the oil and gas industry here in Colorado.

Transworld’s technology stimulates greater secondary oil recovery by activating microbes naturally present in numerous shallow oil fields.

Our field-proven nutrient treatments provide an inexpensive and safe alternative that enhances secondary oil recovery and extends the life of mature water floods. The technology works through a combination of mechanisms related to microbial vitality and fluid flow.

 Microbes consume a small portion of otherwise unrecoverable oil to produce methane and stimulate oil movement. Water flood sweep efficiency and oil production are increased through:

  •  Flow diversion – Injected water reaches previously untouched areas of the reservoir.
  • Oil mobilization – Residual oil droplets are modified and become more mobile.

How about you? Have you overlooked writing a solid summary of how your product works? Will this post serve as a reminder of how important this step is to your message development?

Please leave me a comment and let me know!

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