Here is another important tip in my three-part series on writing great medical marketing video scripts. Today’s tip focuses on structure, which is often overlooked in corporate script writing. Remember, a poorly planned script will doom a video before it’s even shot.

So here are some tips on how to dynamically structure video scripts that will engage your viewers whether your script is one, three, five minutes or longer.

In a nutshell, you want to structure your video script like all great stories. This means giving it a clear beginning, middle and an end.


Hook your prospects right off the top by demonstrating you have a clear understanding of the challenges they face. Further engage them by positioning your product as a solution to their challenges, and demonstrate how your product will create value for the customer. Always make sure your beginning is more about your prospects, and less about you.


Create a series of plot points that communicate your product’s features and benefits, and explain how your product works. Again, emphasize how all of these things create value for your prospects.

Next, use belief builders such as statistics, testimonials, graphs or demonstrations to visually support the marketing claims you are making.

Even if your video is simply a “how-to-use-our-medical-device” video, you must communicate the value it brings to end users.


Lead viewers through any special offers or points of action you want them to take. Support your offer with value demonstrations, risk reversals or added bonuses such as free downloads from your web site.

Close your video by again emphasizing your prospects’ needs and by showing them how your product can help them meet the challenges they face and bring value to their lives. In short, end your video by focusing on your prospects instead of your company.