I love to read motivational business books. And recently I read one that really knocks it out of the park. In fact, it’s had a huge impact on the marketing success of my Core Message Platform program. 9781599326115_FCHigh

So, I’ve decided to take a momentary break from my sales writing secrets to tell you about it.  The book is called, Make Big Happen, and it’s written by ultra-successful business coach, Mark Moses.

I’ve gotten to know Mark over the past couple of months, and I really have a ton of respect for him.

Full disclosure: I am being paid to write some marketing materials for this book, but that’s not why I’m telling you about it.

And I’m not telling you about it because I’m trying to help Mark sell books. This book’s already an international bestseller—so Mark doesn’t need my help.

I’m telling you about it because I care about your success, and I think this book can really energize your career and your life.

I’m also telling you about Make Big Happen because it packs a lot of power and punch into a few simple concepts. And nobody appreciates “simple” more than I do. Plus, it builds on one of my favorite inspirational quotes, which is…

It doesn’t take any more energy to think about a castle than it does a button—so you may as well think BIG!

Transform your life through 4 simple questions

Through Make Big Happen you’ll learn the hidden secret extremely successful people know to be true:

Immense personal power comes through SIMPLICITY.

Mark Moses identifies four simple Make Big Happen Questions™ that you must answer and explore to achieve extraordinary business, marketing and life success.

  1. What do you want?
  2. What do you have to do to get what you want?
  3. What could get in the way?
  4. How do you hold yourself accountable?

Mark Moses shows you in detail how these basic questions form the foundation of every fast-growing career, and how answering them with certainty leads to exceptional results.

Most of all, you’ll learn how to think BIG and really go for it. What I love about this book is that Mark uses plain, straightforward language to teach you how to…

  • Focus on just one or two big-time goals each year
  • Believe with certainty that you WILL achieve your goals
  • Map out actions and activities that drive you toward your goal
  • Measure your actions and keep score of your results
  • Think big, act big, and go BIG in everything you do

 Add some big-time mojo to your dreams

Through photos, stories, and action plans, Mark Moses illustrates how his business principles can be applied to a life in which you…

  • Give back to your community and become a respected leader
  • Create an ambitious “bucket list” and check off items with abandon
  • Experience the fulfillment that comes through living your purpose
  • Stop living on “auto pilot” and start living with energy and passion
  • Focus on things and people that INCREASE your energy—and avoid those that don’t

That’s it. Again, I’ll get back to my expert sales writing insights next week.

But this week I just want to share some insights about a book that’s had a big impact on my business success, and a big impact on the certainty I feel about achieving my goals.

Maybe Make Big Happen can do the same for you.

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