Never skip this step when revising your copy!

The one common thread that runs through all the book marketing copy projects I’ve done for authors is that I’ve never dared show them the first drafts I’ve written of their promotional materials.

Now, I think my first drafts are pretty good, but the “magic” happens when I revise and edit book marketing copy.

It’s like I always say: Good writing is rewriting, and great writing is rewriting some more.

So, when I write marketing content for book promotion campaigns I put a heavy emphasis on the editing process, and you should too if you’re writing your own book marketing materials.

When I edit marketing copy for authors I utilize a lot of techniques. However, this week I want to share with you my #1 book marketing copy editing secret.

I think it may take you by surprise.

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Never Skip This Step!

I really urge you to check out this week’s video where I get into this week’s topic in more detail.

So, what’s my #1 book marketing copy editing technique?

I read the copy I’ve written out loud.

And when I say out loud, I don’t mean I kind of move my lips quietly as I skim through the copy. I mean I read it out loud!

If you write your own book marketing copy, here’s why you should put this technique to work for you.

First, when you read your copy out loud it’s much easier to check the tone and voice of your copy.

You want your copy to have life to it. If you read it out loud and it sounds plain and flat, dive back into your writing and give your words a little more bounce and emotion.

Second, read your copy out loud and right away you’ll be able to tell if it is clear and compelling.

If you find yourself stumbling through a few of your benefit statements, you’ll want to smooth them out before you call your copy “done.”

Next, reading your copy out loud is the ideal way to see if you’ve used the same descriptive words over and over.

For example, if you’ve used words like dynamic or innovative several times throughout your book marketing copy, you’ll definitely hear the repetition when you read your copy out loud.

Lastly, read your copy out loud to hear if what you’ve written sounds cliché or too general.

If your marketing copy sounds a lot like other books in your genre, it means you’re not being detailed and specific enough.

If this is the case, you’ll notice it when you read your copy out loud, and you’ll definitely want to take the time to do further revising.

Once more, I cover this topic in much greater detail in this week’s video. So please watch it!

Until next week, take action and make things happen!


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