Marketing copy that’s intended to sell should be written in a concise style, so it looks inviting to the eye—or as I like to say, “at-a-glance” friendly. Face it. Looks count for a lot when you create marketing content. Boom

If your copy doesn’t look friendly to read, it won’t get a second look.

When you write sales copy in block paragraph form, it looks boring and tough to read no matter how dynamic it might be. To engage your prospects, your copy must look open and lively.

Here is a simple three-step formula that makes your copy look fast and easy to read.


  1.  Use plenty of headlines and subheads
  2. Limit your descriptive paragraphs to three or four lines
  3. Use sharp bullet points to highlight benefits


Drop your burnout and stop complaining

Turn your anger into a positive success story

In an edgy tone that’s about as far from sugar and spice as you can get, 12 Punches to Success tells it like it is while giving you powerful tools that show you how to:

  •  Set big-time goals and pick them off one by one
  • Convert your daydreams into your new everyday reality
  • Break through ridiculous fears that have held you back

It’s not sweet and it may smack you around, but this book will get you on the fast track to living your true life purpose.

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