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If you’re an author or coach who is selling books and programs, you’ve probably heard that the word free is the most powerful word in marketing.

It’s usually associated with free consultations or free bonuses.

However, to sell more books and programs, you might want to focus even more attention on the second most powerful word in marketing.

This word gets very little publicity because our culture tends to ignore things that are second. Consider this baseball analogy.

Every baseball fan knows that Jackie Robinson was the first African American to break the major league baseball color barrier in 1947 when he played for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

A historic cultural milestone!

However, most people don’t know who Larry Doby was. Who was Larry Doby? Larry Doby was the second African American to break baseball’s color barrier, doing it just two weeks after Jackie Robinson.

Yet, most people have never heard of him. Why? Because Larry Doby was second. Nonetheless, he went on to have a tremendous career that included being elected to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.

Larry Doby made a major impact, and so can you if you learn how to leverage the second most powerful word in marketing – you.

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You-Directed Copy Engages Readers

This week’s video provides you with deeper insights into the power of you-directed book marketing copy, so I encourage you to watch it.

Here is a preview of the main points you’ll hear me cover.

Book marketing copy should be written in a style that resembles a straightforward conversation between you and a potential reader.

The key to doing this is mastering a subtle technique I call you-directed copywriting. You-directed copy increases engagement with potential book buyers, which leads to more book sales.

This is a subtle book marketing writing technique, but it really does make a difference in your ability to engage with a reader.

Here are two simple examples of how to leverage the power of you-directed copy.


Standard third-person copy

Build Big Wealth After 50 teaches seven essential principles that help people over 50 increase their income and experience the freedom that comes with financial abundance.

You-directed copy

Build Big Wealth After 50 teaches you seven essential principles that help you increase your income, so you can experience the freedom and peace of mind that financial abundance gives you.

Standard third-person copy

The Power of Self Love provides a blueprint that everyone can use to increase their self-esteem. Readers will be guided through a journey that illustrates the importance of putting themselves first.

You-directed copy

The Power of Self Love gives you a blueprint you can use to raise your self-esteem. You’ll be guided on a personal journey through which you’ll discover the importance of putting your thoughts and true feelings first.

You-directed copy adds a personal touch to your writing.

It’s also effective because people want to know what benefit they will receive from reading your book.

They’re not as concerned about what people in general will get out of your book.

This subtle technique is just that, subtle. But it can make a big difference in your ability to connect with potential book readers on a personal and emotional level.

Again, this week’s video discusses this important writing tip in more depth, so I urge you to watch it.

Until next week, take action and make things happen!


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