As I always say, the easiest way to improve any marketing piece is to create a better headline. That’s how you compel people to read your body copy. profitcurve

There are a lot of quick and easy headline types that I love to use, but in this post I want to focus on my “3 Secrets to…” technique.

It’s not zippy or clever, but using this technique is a great way to create curiosity and drive readers into your copy—which is exactly what you want your headlines to do.

To use this technique, begin your headline with 3 Secrets to…(or some other number) and then state or imply a promise that you will follow up on in your body copy.

3 Secrets to Generating More Hot Sales Leads

7 Secrets to Reducing Your Business Insurance Costs

Using this technique also lets readers know that the body copy to follow will be organized in easy-to-follow sections—which further motivates them to read on.


To arouse even more curiosity, combine my “3 Secrets to…” technique with the “Big Reveal” technique. The result can be simple, but very intriguing headlines.

My New Book Reveals 5 Stunning Secrets about International Cyber Warfare

7 Startling Secrets about the U.S. Shadow Government are Finally Unveiled

Again, these headlines are not zippy or clever. But they do a good job of enticing readers to look further into your body copy to gain more insight into your topic. Plus, these simple headlines don’t take long to create.

The key with this technique is to make sure the information you provide in your body copy lives up to the promise you’re implying in your headline.

As you might expect, these headline types are most effective when introducing new and/or unique information—as opposed to general information that is common and widely known.

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