Share_Secrets_CaseyIt’s a total, absolute universal truth. People love being in on secrets. We all want to be in the know and we all want to feel like “insiders.” Your prospects are no different.

Utilize this universal human truth, and you stand a great chance of getting prospects more excited about your products.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling medical devices, consumer products or books. A great way to grab and hook prospects is to make them feel you’re bringing them in on a secret or inside information available to only a few.

Your sales copy “secret” can be:

  • Test results from a soon-to-be-published study
  • Advanced news of an upcoming product release
  • Testimonials from a soon-to-be-released case study
  • Excerpts and photos from your not-yet-released book
  • Complete, behind-the-scenes interviews not yet available to the public
  • Special offers available only to people on your mailing list

Simply including a P.S. line on a sales page that offers a “free, exclusive bonus” is a form of letting people in on a secret.

This technique can literally be anything that makes your prospects think they’re about to go behind the curtain and become “an insider” on something not everyone has access to.

Everybody wants to be “in the know.” It’s true when we’re little kids, and it’s true when we’re big kids.

People love to share secrets and get in on a good scoop. Everybody wants to be “in the know.” It’s true when we’re little kids, and it’s true when we’re big kids.

Being in on a secret is titillating and exciting. So leverage the power of this in your sales copy to make your prospects feel special, whether writing sales copy for B2B or direct to consumers.

Be sincere and honest, and make your “behind-the-scenes” offer or bonus something your crowd will truly value and appreciate. This will draw people deeper into your promotion, which increases the odds of a sale and future engagement with them.

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*Image Credit: Flickr Image by Ed Yourdon