This tip is more important today than ever. People read less and less, so making your copy easy to read is a must. Here are a few tips on how you can achieve this.

When you have a marketing piece that contains multiple sections, such as a brochure or web page, it is extremely important to keep each section tight and concise.

When you create marketing pieces that include sales copy for multiple product benefits, make sure each is given its own short section. Doing this…

  • Gives each product benefit its own stage
  • Breaks your marketing piece into small, digestible sections
  • Makes it more likely prospects will read your copy

Any communication piece divided into several short sections is always more appealing to the eye than the same piece divided into two or three long sections.

Use Subheads and Bullet Points

Here are two more ways to make your sections easy to read.

  • Keep your paragraphs limited to just a few lines
  • Break up your sections with subheads and bullet points

In fact, the way I have formatted this post is a nice example of how to set up a tight and concise section in your marketing materials.