If you listen closely to spiritual leaders (think Wayne Dyer) or self-help gurus (think Tony Robbins) they all have different ways of making this simple point:

What you focus on in life expands in your life.

As a big mindset marketing enthusiast, this point really resonates with me. Focus On Success

If you want to excel as an author/speaker/coach or entrepreneur you absolutely need to believe you deserve success. You must also set your intentions and of course you have everything to gain by dreaming big. However, as you focus your thoughts it’s important that you really believe them.

What I mean is that you can stand on a mountain top and declare your career intentions at the top of your lungs, but if you walk back down the mountain thinking, “Oh who’d want to work with a guy like me,” you are in trouble.

Focus on what you want all the time. A great way to do this is by developing affirmations you can repeat throughout the day that keep you in an upbeat state of mind. As the following examples show, these affirmations can be very basic.

“I have important gifts to share that can help thousands of people.”

“My services are in continual demand, so I can charge higher rates.”

“I have a well-paying and highly satisfying career.”

If you repeat positive thoughts throughout your day, I guarantee you will feel more powerful. When you feel more powerful, you achieve more than when you feel weak or doubtful. It’s that simple.

You have the power and freedom to choose your thoughts. Focusing your thoughts in an empowering way will definitely help you. Having negative, depressing thoughts about your business will not help you at all.

Always reach for better feeling thoughts. Focus on what you really want for yourself. Think about your goals and dreams in a positive way and you will feel a flow of energy come to you that propels you towards greater success.

It’s always been said that “what you put out there always comes back to you.” So why not put a lot of good stuff out there. Back this up with a lot of inspired actions—and watch what happens!

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