When I write sales copy that includes a strong special offer of some kind, my first instinct is to see if I can “sell the savings.” profitcurve

This technique is called a value demonstration, and it’s a great way to show prospects that you are providing them with over-the-top value.

It’s an ideal way to sell books, coaching programs and other products where you are combining bonus giveaways with a limited-time offer.

The best way to illustrate this strategy is to show you an example.


Register for Tranquility from Within by (Month/day/year) and SAVE $3,200!

Live freely in a pleasant state of harmony that supports your authentic purpose!

Take back complete control of your life

My Tranquility from Within group coaching program will completely rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit—and provide you with an amazing set of tools that allow you to create greater joy and abundance in your life.

Normally, the price for this life-changing program is $6,400 for 12 online group sessions, seven private coaching calls, and four days of peace and tranquility on my expansive beachfront property.

However, if you register by (Month/day/year), you’ll be able to enjoy this wonderful program for only $3,200. That’s a 50% DISCOUNT, giving you and an immediate SAVINGS of $3,200!

Combine this with the three FREE BONUS one-to-one coaching sessions I’m ready to add on that have an $825 value!—and you’ll enjoy a TOTAL SAVINGS OF $4,025!

This means your total savings exceeds the price of the entire program!

However, you must act right away because this special limited-time offer will only be available until (Month/day/year).

P.S. I absolutely can’t wait to see you on my beachfront property, so please take advantage of this special offer by (Month/day/year).

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