When writing website marketing messages for authors and coaches, I always follow a few self-imposed writing rules.

One of them is my “at-a-glance-friendly” marketing copy rule.

This means that not only does my copy for books and online programs need to be well written, but it also needs to be very inviting to the eye when readers take a quick glance at it.

If you write your own marketing messages, you’ll want to follow this rule as well. Here’s why:

Before your audience reads your marketing copy, they’re going to glance at it, skim it, and then decide if they want to read it.

All of this is going to happen in less than two or three seconds!

If your marketing copy is written as a series of long block-text paragraphs, it’s going to look dense and difficult to read, especially on mobile devices.

You can make your website marketing copy more mobile friendly and easy on the eye by …

  • Employing a liberal use of headlines, subheads, and very short paragraphs
  • Giving your headlines, subheads, the “skim test”
  • Breaking up your copy with short, punchy benefit-driven bullet points

If you want more practical insights on how to make marketing copy for your books and programs at-a-glance friendly, I encourage you to watch this video.



Here is a good example of “at-a-glance-friendly” marketing copy I wrote for a book by author Carol Talbot titled, YOU the Divine Genius. As you can see, “at a glance” it looks very quick and easy to read.

Reset Your Personal Hard Drive

Chances are, you developed negative patterns as a child from which you’ve never broken free because they are ingrained in your personal hard drive.

YOU the Divine Genius guides you through an eye-opening process by which you can…

  • Shift up your energy and establish new, life-affirming practices
  • Open up and start exploring life’s unlimited possibilities
  • Change your perception of who you really are

Carol Talbot makes it abundantly clear that you have the hidden ability to change the “programs” running at your subconscious level.

Discover how to tell yourself a new life story in which you tap into your unending power to manifest the greatest living version of YOU.


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