As I noted in my last post, on March 16, American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) will launch and promote my new eight-module online training course, Key Message Copy Platforms: A Unique High-Income Service That Can Skyrocket Your B2B Copywriting Success. 2014-09 20 - 2014-09 20 - SpecialReport-KMCP_FINAL.pdf (page 1 of 12) w8bj4 q1uko

So this week I am continuing my annual series on what a Key Message Copy Platform is, and why it’s such an effective marketing tool for your books, products and services.

Last week I explained why a Key Message Copy Platform should be the first marketing piece you write for your products, services and books. This week I want to give you a quick review of what a Key Message Copy Platform is and how to put one together.

A Key Message Copy Platform is a comprehensive document that contains all relevant marketing and selling statements about your book, product or service. Its purpose is to serve as the “master messaging document” from which you can spin off all your essential marketing content.

When you write using your Key Message Copy Platform as a base, you assure that all your campaign marketing materials will have a persistent and consistent voice and message.

This is incredibly important because repetition of message builds reputation of product.

You can be very flexible with how you organize a Key Message Copy Platform. It’s your own internal document, so set it up any way that feels comfortable to you. As a guide, the ones I’ve written are typically divided into the following sections:

  •  Product or book tagline
  • Description of your specific target market
  • Explanation of the real human value provided by your product, service or book
  • Description of how your product works (or what your book is about)
  • Unique selling proposition statement
  • Emotional selling proposition statement (or what people will take away from your book)
  • Product positioning statement (how you want it to be perceived in the market)
  • Testimonials or reviews from peers and industry experts
  • Key message benefit statements that support your main selling points
  • Key message benefit statements designed to overcome anticipated product objections
  • A list of sample headlines that can be used in your various marketing pieces

Again, you can be very flexible with how you organize your Key Message Copy Platform. Structure yours so it matches up with your specific needs. In other words, be creative and have fun with it.

Next week, I’ll conclude this series by detailing how Key Message Copy Platforms make marketing your book or product a heck of a lot easier for you.

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