How to Make Your Marketing Copy “Scary” Good! by Casey Demchak

Leverage the fear factor to grab your audience

When I help authors and business coaches create marketing copy for their books and online programs, I always remind them to never be afraid of using the fear factor when crafting their promotional messages.

Leveraging the fear factor doesn’t mean you have to literally scare your audience when developing your book marketing copy.

However, it does mean you should at least consider a strategy that taps into your audience’s natural fear of:

  • Missing out
  • Being left behind
  • Not being “in the know”

Technology companies use this strategy to perfection. This is why everyone wants the latest phone or feels left out if they don’t have the newest version of every software package on their computer.

In this week’s video, I detail how to communicate the benefits of your book by reminding readers what they’ll be missing if they don’t read it.

Leveraging the fear factor isn’t shady or tricky, and it can be a great way to engage more readers so you can sell more books and programs.

To learn how to leverage the fear factor in your promotional copy,
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Don’t Be Afraid of the Fear Factor

In this week’s video I provide several practical tips for using the fear factor, or people’s natural fear of missing out, when crafting your book marketing copy. So I encourage you to watch it.

The examples I provide revolve around the following copy.


74% of Small Business Owners Never See This Coming

Artificial Intelligence Is About to Make You Obsolete

How Would Rooting for a Serial Killer Make You Feel?

Body Copy

If you fail to read Building Big Wealth After 50 from cover to cover, you’ll miss out on being able to:

  • Extend your retirement savings 10 years longer than you thought you could
  • Leverage Medicare laws to decrease your out-of-pocket medical expenses
  • Enjoy the upside of today’s strong markets with much less risk

Plus, you won’t be able to gain FREE access to my bonus report, 9 Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Expenses Significantly.

To give these examples proper context, and to gain valuable insights into how to use the fear factor when writing your book marketing copy, please watch this week’s video!

Until next week, take action and make things happen!


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