Setups and payoffs are the vital relationship between a headline and your first line of sales copy. Too often, good medical copywriting falls flat because a strong headline is followed by copy that isn’t tied to it.

Avoid this mistake. Always think of a headline as a setup and your first line of copy as its payoff. If your headline asks a question, the first line of copy should answer the question.



Why Do 4 out of 5 Doctors Want You To Use Johnson’s Throat Syrup?

 First line of copy:

Because clinical tests prove it reduces sore throat symptoms faster than other brands.

Setups and payoffs also apply to headline/copy combinations that aren’t questions and answers.



Protandim Is Proven To Reduce Oxidative Stress by 40%

 First line of copy:

And that’s just after 30 days. Make Protandim part of your daily routine—and feel years younger.


We Have Exclusive Behind The Scenes Information

 First line of copy:

Interested? Of course you are. Because you’re a physician dedicated to staying on the leading edge of new medical technology.

When you maintain a tight link between your headline and first line of copy, your marketing materials will always be more dynamic and engaging.

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