How to leverage “piggyback” book marketing opportunities by Casey Demchak

Attach your book promotion to news and cultural events

When I create book marketing copy for authors and business coaches there are always a few overarching points I emphasize in our strategy sessions.

One of these points is that the ultimate goal of strong book marketing copy isn’t merely to create a buzz about your book or create awareness about your book.

Instead, I emphasize that the primary goal when writing book marketing copy is to motivate readers to buy your book NOW. Not later, not down the road … but NOW.

If you’ve written a book or developed an online program, it’s easy to get excited about creating a promotion centered around your launch day.

Many authors also build promotions around a relaunch of their book. This is typically done to celebrate the first anniversary of a book’s original launch, or to celebrate the relaunch of a non-fiction book that’s been updated.

However, to create strong royalty income you need to come up with multiple book promotion strategies.

A great way to this is to develop promotions that “piggyback” on news events and cultural events that occur throughout the year.

The end result can be a lot more book sales!

To gain insight into how to create “piggyback” book promotion strategies,
click through and check out this week’s Book Marketing Copy Quick Tip video.



Connect Your Book to Real-World Events

In this week’s video, I detail how you can leverage piggyback strategies throughout the year to connect your book with real-world news and cultural events. So I really encourage you to watch it.

Here are some of the key points you’ll hear me cover.

To create multiple promotion opportunities for your book …

  • Consider news and cultural events that are related to your book
  • Develop bonus materials related to your book and a news/cultural event
  • Run promotions that make your book and bonus available for a limited time
  • Time your promotion to coincide with the news/cultural event you’ve chosen

My video discusses this “piggyback” strategy in more detail, plus I provide specific examples of how you can put it to work for you so you can sell more books NOW.

So check out the video!

Until next week, take action and make things happen!


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