Move your audience to action by tugging at their heart

In my last two posts, I’ve focused on the importance of stressing benefits when writing book marketing copy and landing page copy for your online programs.

To repeat my mantra: If you’re an author or coach, what your book or program is about is secondary to what your audience will get out of your book or program.

What are the benefits? What are the takeaways?

This week I focus on how you can add more depth and texture to your benefit-driven marketing messages.

The secret to doing this is to tug on your audience’s heart by fueling your marketing statements with the emotional benefits they’ll experience when they read your book or buy your program.

Benefit-driven statements that tap into your readers’ emotions are what really separates good marketing copy from great marketing copy.

Discovering how to leverage this technique is a skill you need to master if you really want to move the needle with your marketing copy.

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It’s All About Emotional Satisfaction

In this week’s video, I provide you with more insight about how to detail your marketing copy with emotional benefit statements, so I urge you to watch it.

Here’s a secret that will help you add more depth to your marketing copy.

People don’t desire things just to have things. People desire things so they feel: happy, secure, free, satisfied, relieved, proud, confident, fulfilled, etc.

People desire “things” to achieve an emotion that makes them feel good. Always remember this when writing benefit-driven marketing statements for your books and programs.

So, how do you leverage this strategy?

Simple. When you write a tangible benefit-statement about your book or program, include in your message the corresponding emotional benefit.

Here are a few straightforward examples of how to do this.


Business book or program

Achieve Big Wealth After 50 reveals the seven essential principles to becoming a liquid millionaire after age fifty.

Even if you’re starting over, you’ll discover how financial security, fulfillment, and the freedom to do as you please are still within your reach.

Self-development book or program

Act As If provides you with the proven blueprint you need to break down hidden barriers that hold you back from being the best version of you.

You’ll gain the insights you need to wake up each morning feeling driven, vibrant, and certain in your ability to manifest the vision you have for a new life story.


Beyond the Valley takes you on an epic romantic adventure that spans five continents. Follow Julie Clayborn as she travels the globe to be in the arms of her blessed soulmate.

You’ll feel the rush of excitement that comes with being bold enough to do whatever it takes to experience the heart-pounding pleasure of forbidden love.

If you fuel your marketing messages with benefit statements that have an emotional component to them, your promotional copy will engage more readers.

This will lead to more book and program sales, which will make you feel fantastic!

Again, this week’s video details in greater depth why this copywriting technique is vital to your success, so I encourage you to watch it.

Until next week, take action and make things happen!


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