How to Develop a Magnetic Book Marketing Copy Voice

My back-to-basics series continues this week with an exercise that’s essential to creating magnetic book marketing copy.

Unfortunately, many authors choose to skip this exercise when planning their book promotion materials – and that’s a mistake.

Before you write any actual marketing copy for your book, I urge you to invest at least an hour in this exercise.

If you do you’ll be rewarded in a big way.

How? Your promotional copy will have a distinctive voice that draws more readers to your book.

And the more readers you attract with your marketing copy – the more books you’ll sell.

Find out how to develop a magnetic voice for your marketing copy
by watching this week’s Book Marketing Copy Quick Tip video.


Here is a brief overview of what I cover in this week’s video.

Talk About Your Book Out Loud

To create a strong voice for your book marketing copy, start with this simple exercise. Talk about your book out loud. And I mean out loud. Don’t just move your lips a little and mumble.

Get up, walk around, and talk out loud about your book.

It doesn’t matter what you talk about. You can talk about your book’s benefits, its lessons, its story, or why you wrote it. Anything will do. As you do this, begin to take a few mental notes as you ask yourself these questions:

What does my voice sound like? Is it nurturing? Is it authoritative? Does it exude wisdom? Is it humorous? Is it edgy or wicked?

Also, what kind of rhythm does your voice have? What kind of cadence does it have?

Chances are you’ll notice that the voice you use to speak about your book is similar to the voice in which you wrote it.

Take Your Voice for a Test Drive

Next, write about your book through the voice you just established. At this point it doesn’t matter what you write.

Write anything you want. Write some rough benefit statements. Write about your book’s theme or why you wrote it. The point here is to get a feel for writing through a distinctive voice that is unique to you and your book.

I’d recommend free flowing your writing in this voice for 45 minutes to an hour until it feels hardwired into your brain.

If you need more time to achieve this feeling – take it!

Lock It In and Stick with It

The final step in this exercise is easy. Commit to writing ALL of your book marketing materials through this unique voice you’ve established.

Book marketing copy written in a distinctive voice stands out in a crowded market.

This will help you attract more eyeballs to your marketing copy – and this can lead to a lot more book sales.

Again, I dig further into this exercise in this week’s video, so I encourage you to watch it.

Until next week, take a lot of action and make things happen!



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